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Film Score | Music Production | Recording Studio




Record, produce, or create music with the coolest audio engineers in town.

Mono, stereo, or surround sound, make your sound heard the way you love listening to it.

Broadcast, enhance, or elevate your sound across all distribution platforms. 


The Studio

Sugarline Sound Co. is a full-suite recording studio that focuses on making your creative journey a whole lot sweeter. Founded by internationally acclaimed music composer, Rohit Chaturvedi, who is best known for his decade-long career with India’s top-heavy metal outfit Kryptos.  


The studio offers digital, analog, and hybrid recording solutions that suit various film score, music production, and recording needs. With an arsenal of modern and vintage gear, the studio celebrates the warmth of analog audio and the power of future-proof technologies that comply with worldwide audio production standards. At Sugarline Sound Co., we help you make your sound your very own. 


The studio is designed by Ultracoustic Pvt. Ltd., a total acoustic solutions company that is changing the way India listens to audio across industries such as music, broadcast, retail, and entertainment. With their experience and association with Yash Raj Film Studios, you can be sure to expect stellar acoustics, world-class production, and pristine audio quality at Sugarline Sound Co.


The studio space is built by FoRest Designs & Furniture, Bangalore’s finest interior design and construction company that prides itself on their pan India presence, marquee clients, and a gamut of experience across the industry. These collaborations make Sugarline Sound Co. a hallmark of trust, quality and incredible craftsmanship. 


Sugarline Sound Co. is a team of singers, lyricists, composers, audio engineers, voiceover artists, musicians and creative thinkers who are determined to help you sculpt that sweet sound that you are after. 


Located in the heart of Bangalore, Koramangala, Sugarline Sound Co. makes commuting convenient for all filmmakers, musicians, businesses, and creative professionals. So, drop by, tune in, and experience the difference!